The Easy And Simple Tanning Ideas That Also Improve The Overall Look Of Your Skin

Tanning takes a lot of time and effort. What a brilliant idea it would be if you include your skincare within your tanning routine. There are a lot of products and simple steps that can be incorporated into your tanning process. In this way you can get an attractive and healthy skin along with a beautiful bronzed look.

The Easy And Simple Tanning Ideas That Also Improve The Overall Look Of Your Skin

But first of all you should know the basic requirements of tanning and how to make your skin prepared for it. Along with that, some knowledge about the long life of tan should also be acquired so that you perform the process correctly. For this purpose, this article is going to be very beneficial.

Is your skin well prepped for tanning?

It is very necessary to prep your skin before getting tanned. Sometimes it happens that there are a lot of dead cells on your skin which make it hard for the tan to stay. The tanning product does not absorb into the skin and quickly washes away. It is very helpful to exfoliate your skin prior to tanning. There are a variety of best scrubs for self-tanning available these days from which you can choose. These scrubs will not only help in removing the dead skin cells but will also improve the blood circulation.

After exfoliation, you can use a good moisturizer. This will let the tan settle into your skin quickly and effectively. Even mild irritation and inflammation can also be avoided if you have prepped your skin this way.

How to get a long lasting tan

Now that your skin is all prepared, you can move on to the actual tanning process. Following things can help you in getting a long lasting tan.

  • Highly penetrating product: You should make sure that the product you are using has high penetrating ability. Otherwise it will just stay on the surface of your skin and wash off when you take shower.
  • Even application: An indoor tanning face lotion can give you wonderful results if you have applied it properly on your skin. Take a small amount of the product and make sure you spread it evenly all across your skin surface. Avoid leaving blotches and patches of the tanning product on your skin.
  • Use of sunscreen: Using a good SPF 50+ sunscreen can add a lot to the life of your tan. It will protect you from the harmful solar radiations, allowing your tan to adhere to your skin for a longer time.
  • Moisturizer: A moisturizer will keep your tan nourished as a result it won’t chip off. You can use it before applying tan and also after the tanning has been done.

Additional things to be done with tanning

Some additional things can help in improving the look of your skin when it is tanned are as follows.

Sometimes skin becomes overly dry after you tan it. To avoid this you can use a combo of moisturiser and serum. This will keep your skin soft and nourished.

Regularly cleanse your skin especially if you experience open pores because tanning products can be occlusive. Cleansing will avoid clogging of pores. As a result your skin will remain clear and healthy.


Concluding it all, as your top priority should always be the health of skin, wise selection of products will fulfill this goal. Use of moisturiser, serum, exfoliator and sunscreen will perform multiple functions at a time. These will not only aid in the tanning process but also improve the overall appearance of your skin. Try these out and get a beautiful tan along with a healthy skin.