Opi Nail Color Trends For This Summer

With the soaring temperatures, the summer days are getting longer and brighter, which is why we can experiment with OPI gel colors for summer. Summer manicure is the hottest trend for the hottest season, which also gives us the perfect excuse to buy OPI gel nail polish online.

The right colored manicure will serve as an extension to your summer wardrobe, and the right color will complement your outfit, including your swimsuit. The colored nails will make you stand out at the beach and make your hands pop and look aesthetically pleasing.

When it comes to OPI gel colors for summer, you ought to opt for fun, vibrant, bold colors that feel good and look good. If we were to talk about the trending summer colors in 2021, we have bright yellow on the top of the list, which is then followed by classic red, vivid color, and other warm, bright, and vibrant colors.

While summer is all about outdoor fun and adventure, here is our list of the best OPI gel colors for summer. These colors won’t only make your nails pop, but these will also serve as the perfect extension of your nails.

Top 4 OPI Nail Color Trends For This Summer

OPI – Lemon Yellow Nail Color

OPI – Lemon Yellow Nail Color

As we mentioned before, this summer season is all about bright yellow, lemon yellow, and mellow yellow. When it comes to summer, you might want to opt for a yellow that is not only a bit bolder but also serves as the perfect extension of your summer dress.

With numerous options of yellow, the lemony yellow shade of the OPI gel colors ensures that you don’t necessarily step out of your comfort zone and while the yellow compliments and accentuates your skin tone. We all know that yellow is essentially a happy color, and with this manicure, you will definitely brighten your day and the day of others as well.

Turquoise Blue Shade OPI Gel Polish

Turquoise Blue Shade OPI Gel Polish

Any shade of blue is fresh, chic, and timeless. It is also bold and reminds you of many summery things, such as the clear sky and the translucent ocean. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning a business trip or whether you are planning to visit the beach, the pretty, bold, and simultaneously calming shade of turquoise blue will make your nails pop and look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

You may enter a room full of people and automatically draw attention to your manicure, which is hard to miss. If you are not a fan of turquoise blue, you can also opt for a soothing blue shade as this is equally effortlessly chic as its predecessor.

The different shades of blue of the OPI gel colors for summer will make you forget the typically go-to classic option of red manicure.

Vibrant Shade of Red

Vibrant Shade of Red

If you look at your local markets and online stores from where you can buy OPI nail lacquer, you can find a wide variety of options for red nail paint. For example, you can level up with choosing a nail polish that has a bright orange undertone. The chic shade of vibrant red is also a perfect choice for the warmer shades of summer, and it looks good on your feet and hands.

You were grossly mistaken if you thought that the red shade is for the winter and autumn season alone. You can wear the vibrant shade of red in all seasons, and it will look as good, bold, vibrant, and comforting as ever.

If you think the classic red isn’t your thing, you can try out a red with a pinkish undertone. Or, for the more summery feel, you can also turn to the saturated shade of watermelon, which will make your hands and feet pop on the beach.

Off White OPI Gel Color

Off White OPI Gel Color

Another hard-to-miss gel color trend for this summer is the off-white OPI gel color. Summer is also the time when the weather is perfect for bridal showers and beachy weddings. If you are planning a lazy night out with the girls, the off-white manicure will exude a unique spin to your overall look and feel.

If you want the manicure to last longer and stay as fresh as ever, make sure to apply a base coat and the top coat after applying the off-white gel color to your nails. Don’t forget to cap the edges of your nails to obtain summertime perfection on your nails.


This summer season is all about eye-catching bright colors and interesting pastel tones, inspired by your personal choices and, of course, the natural elements. While you buy OPI gel colors for summer, you ought to ensure that you follow the right application process to make the OPI gel manicure last for at least three to four weeks and have long-lasting, shinier, and glossier nails for a longer time.