About Get it Ohm! & Karmic Yoga

What’s Get it Ohm! all about, and what the heck is karmic yoga anyway?

Get it Ohm! is a karmic yoga and strength movement created by Jessa Mehta, RYT, in 2013. Karmic yoga is based on the Bhavagad Gita, a sacred Sanskrit scripture of Hinduism. Simply summed up, karmic yoga is “yoga as a selfless service.”

Sounds all crunchy and touchy-feely, right? Here’s the deal: Get it Ohm! is a totally free, no-strings attached approach to yoga. There’s no catch. It’s not donation based, not sliding scale, just simply free.


I remember what it was like when I began practicing yoga many years ago. It was intimidating. It was expensive. It was uncomfortable (and not just the poses). I couldn’t relate to any of these people, and they all seemed to be pros at twisting into impossible positions.

Every community should have access to health, wellness, and fitness. The ability to pay, the idea that you might not think you “look” like a yogi, and any other so-called barrier is moot with Get it Ohm! A lot of people want to listen to music they actually like when breaking a sweat (or holding tree pose) and I’m open to class preferences from hip hop to classic rock and anything in between. Inner peace, increased flexibility, and balance can happen just as easily with Tupac as with Enya (trust me).

About Jessa

Jessa Mehta is a registered yoga teacher and certified personal trainer who completed her yoga teacher training near Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica in 2012. She established the Get it Ohm! karmic yoga movement one year later and joined Balance 365 Fitness in historic downtown Hillsboro, Oregon in 2016. Jessa has been practicing yoga since 2003.

Born and raised in Oregon, is the author of the forthcoming novel The Wrong Kind of Indian by Wyatt-MacKenzie Press and book of poetry You Look Something by The Operating System Press. She has previously authored two more books of poetry including the Pulitzer Prize nominated The Last Exotic Petting Zoo and What Makes an Always by Tayen Lane Publishing, as well as the business book 100 Ways to Make $100k with Your English Degree by Moonshine Cove Press.

Jessa is the founder and owner of MehtaFor (www.mehtafor.com), a writing services company, which serves a variety of clients including Fortune 500 enterprises and major media outlets. MehtaFor received two national bronze awards for Startup of the Year in 2015. As a member of the Cherokee Nation, Jessa offers complimentary writing services to Native American students and non-profits based in the Pacific Northwest and/or serving Native communities. She also offers the MehtaFor Trainee program which teaches new writers how to pursue a lucrative writing career. Jessa was awarded a Writers in the Schools (WITS) residency from the Oregon Literary Arts Council in 2015-16.

She received her master’s degree in writing from Portland State University in 2007, and established The Jessica Tyner Scholarship Fund in 2013. It’s the only scholarship exclusively for Native Americans pursuing an advanced degree in writing or a related field. An in-demand speaker, she has been featured at the Mt. Hood Cherokees summit, read at Wordstock, and taught workshops at the Oregon Writing Festival and International Guild of Women Writers summer conference series.

Jessa has lived in London, South Korea, and Costa Rica. She currently lives near historic downtown Hillsboro, Oregon, with her husband, Chintan and enjoys practicing yoga, weight training, keeping an eye on a slew of wild animals that peruse the backyard, and driving her ’83 Trans Am.