Simple Tips To Get A Sensational Nail Gel Polish Manicure

Getting a gel manicure is not a new thing anymore. Almost every teenager applies nail gel polish regularly. While it is advisable to visit a salon, you can get the best manicure at home.

Simple Tips To Get A Sensational Nail Gel Polish Manicure

In these challenging times with the pandemic playing havoc globally, it is always advisable to go for a DIY job. These elementary tips should help you get a sensational gel manicure right in the comfort of your home.

Get your nail polish set in order

Before you start with your gel manicure, it makes sense to have your nail polish ingredients handy. No one would like to search for lint-free wipes with nail polish dripping all over their nails. Check out the following components in your gel polish kit.

Your gel nail polish manicure is incomplete without curing it under the UV/LED lamp. Have a high-quality UV lamp ready on hand. It is ideal to have a large lamp that can accommodate all five fingers of your hand. Generally, these UV lamps allow you to insert four fingers at a time. Under such circumstances, you can dry four fingers simultaneously, followed by both your thumbs together.

You need the essential accessories like nail files, nail cutter, nail buffer, lint-free cotton wipes, an orangewood cuticle pusher, and nail polish remover. Besides, the set should contain a gel primer, basecoat, and topcoat applications.

The best aspect of a gel manicure is that you can experiment with a fantastic array of nail gel polish colors. Every possible color shade you can think of is available on the online market.

Prepare your nails to look more beautiful

Your gel manicure will last for at least three weeks, during which you cannot cut or trim your nails. Hence. It is better to do so before you start the manicure. Wash your hands well with a sanitizing soap and warm water.

Trim your nails and file them properly to avoid sharp edges. Use the orangewood cuticle pusher to push the cuticles back into their grooves. Using a lint-free cotton cloth, clean your nails with a gel cleanser. Now, your nails are ready for the gel manicure.

The actual manicure process does not take long

Use the nail buff to buff your nails slightly. It allows the gel primer to stick to your nails comfortably. One layer of gel primer should be sufficient. It is necessary to let it dry before proceeding further. You can use your hairdryer for this purpose.

The basecoat application is the next step of the gel manicure. When doing so, you should ensure to leave out a small gap at the base and avoid the cuticles. Similarly, one should take care of the nail edges. Therefore, it is necessary to cap the nail by running the polish brush over it. The next step is to cure your nails under the UV lamp for a minute or two. If you use an LED light, the curing process takes around 30 seconds.

While applying the color gel nails, you should be careful and apply it in thin strokes in a straight line. Again, you should avoid painting the cuticles and the skin surrounding the nail. If you accidentally spill the polish on your skin or cuticle area, the lint-free cotton wipes prove helpful to remove it.

Curing the polish is critical for a perfect manicure. The curing time under the UV lamp should be at least two minutes. An LED light should take around 60 seconds for the same job.

Finish the manicure with style

Your gel manicure is not over until you apply the topcoat layer. A single topcoat layer will give you a matte finish. Gel polish looks better when you go for a glossy coating. Hence, it is better to go for multiple coats. Under such circumstances, you should ensure to cure each coat under the UV lamp.

Finally, your gel finish should be tacky. You can use lint-free wipes to remove the moisture layer. Your gel polish will now last for at least three weeks. Here are some precautions to take when removing gel polish.

How to remove gel polish?

After around three weeks, you will find the natural growth of your nail pushing away at the polish layer. It is now time to remove it. You can use a nail file and scrape away at the polish gently to make it easy.

Soak cotton balls in acetone-based nail polish removing solution, and place them over your nails. Use an aluminum wrap to secure them in place. Soak your nails for around 20 minutes and remove the cotton balls. Your nail polish should easily slide off the surface. Wash your hands and massage the nails well with cuticle oil.

See how easy it is to have the gel manicure at home. Get one by yourself and surprise your friends.