How To Get The Perfect Nails With The Opi Powder Perfection?

If you are looking for an alternative for the traditional nail polish lacquers, you can go for the OPI’s powder perfection. You will surely love OPI’s powder perfection technology. The OPI’s dip system provides a gel-like shine and weeks of wear without the need for a light cure. OPI’s powder perfection is available in most of the eye-popping shades and can be removed easily by soaking.

How To Get The Perfect Nails With The Opi Powder Perfection?

Why is OPI’s powder perfection ideal for weak nails?

The OPI dipping powder nails are an odor-free alternative that fosters a clean-air environment. It is a quick-to-apply variant of the traditional nail polish colors. This system is perfectly ideal for the protective overlayers on natural nail plates. The OPI’s powder perfection nails offer a glossy, long-lasting color. This system can also be applied over the tips, and for nail-art looks, you can finish it with your favorite gel-colors too!

The OPI’s Powder Perfection compliments the OPI’s existing offering nail colors perfectly that bridges the gap between the systems having nails too weak for gel polish to last. This system allows them to achieve long-lasting color, strength, and duration, also without a long-term commitment and is easier to remove.

Let’s have a quick look at the perks of having these OPI dipping powder colors

The OPI’s powder perfection has a rapid and easier application as compared to the  traditional acrylic lacquers. It gives an ultimate shine finish. Also, it is Chip-free which promotes long-lasting wear. This unique formula will make your nails feel healthier and indestructible. The OPI powder colors also dries up quickly. There is no need to cure them in a UV / LED light. It is a harmless, easy soak-off wrap removal, Quick-applicant and perfume-free acrylic alternative. This product is made in the USA.

What are some good liquid essentials for the application of powder perfection?

Basecoat: A foundation base coat for the application of color 

Activator: This accelerates curing of base coat and powder color application​

Top Coat: It provides a glossy and high-shine finish

Keen to know the procedure of applying powder nails? Check these out

Start with Prepping your nails first. Then, begin applying or brushing one coat of the OPI’s Powder Perfection color of your preference to an individual nail. Make sure you cover the overall surface of your nail uniformly.

When done, dip the finger into the Color Powder at a 45-degree angle. Now, gently expel  the unwanted dipping powder. Repeat this step and complete one nail at a time to prevent the base coat from drying. Once the application is done on the entire hand, wait for the powder color to be dried properly. When dried thoroughly, you can redo the Steps 1 and 2 on each of your nails.

Now, with the help of a cleansed cosmetic brush, brush-off the leftover nail dip powder from each nail plate.

After this, apply a second coat of the OPI’s Powder Perfection Base Coat and dipped color powder to each nail following the steps 1-3.

When finished with these, apply a third coat of OPI’s powder perfection Base Coat. dip into a color powder set, again at a 45-degree angle. Brush off the remaining dipping powder color.

Now, apply a single coat of the OPI’s powder perfection Activator gently coating the entire surface of the nail. Cap the free edges to fully seal in the powder. Now, wait until the dipping powder hardens completely.

Once the Activator is completely dried, start shaping the nails with a 180 Grit File. Now, pat/rub the nail surface with a 100 grit Buffer followed by a 220 grit Buffer. Be gentle and smoothen the surface of the nail. Remove the excess dipping color.  After the application of the first coat, start applying a second coat of OPI’s powder Perfection Activator. Ensure that you cover the entire nail surface. Wait for a couple of minutes to dry.

Lastly, to give a finished look, uniformly apply a single coat of the OPI Powder Perfection with the help of a few brush strokes. Let it dry for some minutes.

Again using some brush strokes, apply a second coat of Powder Perfection Top Coat with some sort of perfection. Let it  dry.

When you’re done, don’t forget to hydrate and massage the cuticle oil into the cuticles for keeping your nails healthier and natural.


It’s no secret that the OPI’s Dipped powder nails are a unique application where your nails are dipped multiple times into an odor-free colored powder. OPI nail colors are shade-matched with several of the OPI’s iconic shades. Now that you know how to apply the OPI’s powder perfection, you can get your perfect nails done. Get stronger and beautiful gel-like-shine nail with this exclusive formula.