Easter Nail Art Ideas You Can Copy This 2020 Using LDS Dipping Powder

Easter Season is fast approaching and this is the season where a wide range of lively and fun colors are being used. And to make it even more fun, colorful Easter nail art is a perfect addition to any spring outfit. Whether it is nail art design for Easter eggs you are looking for or if you are looking to get nail art ideas for your special Easter dinner, we have gathered the best nail art design ideas for you to try.

  1. Yellow with a Touch of Daisy

Easter is all about lively colors so make it your goal this Easter to make your nails as bright as the dinner table masterpiece. After coloring your nails with yellow powder, you can either paint your own daisy or if you don’t have steady hands, you can buy nail stickers on wholesale nail supplies store.

Yellow with a Touch of Daisy
  1. Colorful French Tips

If there is a color that is very Easter, that is pastel and this nail design is perfect for the season. Another good thing about this is that you can re-use the powders with other nail design. You can actually go full nail color if you want to but this French nail is a good way to start the Easter season.

Colorful French Tips
  1. Pastel Polka Dots

Another idea that you can use using the colorful pastel powder, instead of doing a full nail color add a little pop by putting polka dots on the nail and we are sure that you will love this, as well as the people around you.

Pastel Polka Dots
  1. Light Blue Polka Dots Nails

Not a fan of colorful nails? Well this one is perfect for you. This light blue is very light in the eyes but looks very nice. Put a polka dots on the ring finger nail and you are all set. To make it look cuter, try putting dots of different size and don’t just stick to one size.  You can wear this two way, shiny and matte finish, depending on the top coat you choose. Both will look gorgeous.

Light Blue Polka Dots Nails
  1. Easter Bunny Nails

If there is a character that is very Easter, no doubt it is bunny. Create your own Easter bunny inspired nail art with this easy to do look. All you need is a bit patience and an artistic hand and you can recreate this look instantly.

Easter Bunny Nails
  1. Twinkle Twinkle Periwinkle

Periwinkle is a very nice nail color and it can get much nicer by adding silver glitters. Very easy to do but looks very regal. It doesn’t require too much effort but the look is impeccable. Adding bigger silver glitters will add extra texture to the nail like this one.

Twinkle Twinkle Periwinkle
  1. Millenial Pink

As nail dip powder is trendy this decade so is millenial pink. This shade of pink is very mainstream as it can be seen anywhere. In this design, it was accentuated by pink glitters and some stones but you can wear it as it is. Don’t have a steady hand for intricate nail designs? Try a simple and timeless look with these chic pale pink nails. Either way looks good undoubtedly.

Millenial Pink
  1. Spring Floral Nails

Easter is also a time where flower blooms and if there is a perfect season to wear floral nails, then it is Easter season. You can either put flowers on all nails or go for this one which is not too loud but is very nice to look at. All you need is a good brush and this nail art will unleash your artistic side.

Spring Floral Nails
  1. Marble Jade Egg

Can’t leave your love for marble nail behind? Then go for this jade egg design that is timely for Easter season. A soft and marble light green color not only looks gorgeous but it looks good like your jade roller.

Marble Jade Egg
  1. Tulip Nail Art

Another floral idea that is very easy to pull off and doesn’t look too loud. This blooming tulip nail art is perfect for the spring and even for summer. Why wait for the flowers to blossom when you can design your nails to resemble blooming tulips instead?

Tulip Nail Art


Celebrate the arrival of spring with these gorgeous nail designs. They are easy to recreate using LDS Dipping Powder and they will surely make your spring and Easter season livelier. Our only tip for you is that when recreating these designs, make sure to wash your hands properly before applying the nail powder so you can avoid contamination. Also, if you are not yet sure how to create nail designs using nail dipping powder, there are plenty of tutorial available online. Grab your trendy nail powder shades and get started recreating these nail art designs to wow anyone this season. Happy Designing!