Top 7 Best Food for Tattoo Artist That Can Keep You Energized

Tattoo sessions could be unbearably lengthy and boring, where you have nothing to do except just continuing to ink a person sitting in front of you. Having food cravings in such boring processes is just a normal thing. To keep you busy while you tattoo someone and also provide you with the stamina to concentrate on the minor details without being distracted, here are some of the best nutritious snacks that will keep you energized and active while you attend your clients.

The Better Chip Whole Grain Chips

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The better chip is a perfect solution to all the untimely cravings. It is a healthy snack which satisfies the urge for food. All the ingredients in this formula are natural and vegan, containing no artificially synthesized flavours or preservatives. The chips taste delicious and you’ll definitely fall in love with them.

V8 Healthy Greens

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The V8 healthy greens have extremely low calorie content due to its natural ingredients and the minimalistic amount of artificial sweeteners added. It contains a wholesome amount of vegetables and fruits as well as a handsome amount of vitamins and minerals are also a part of the snack. This makes it a complete meal which will fulfill your dietary requirements and also fill your food cravings which you’ll have while the lengthy tattoo session proceeds.

RXBAR, Banana Chocolate Walnut, Protein Bar

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The RXBAR is a complete healthy and nutritious snack which contains all the components to give you instant energy which you need in the mornings, before or after work. The high protein and carbohydrates will help build stamina and therefore it is the best snack for tattoo sessions. It will help you to maintain focus and avoid distractions.

Immunity aid Support Blend

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As the name suggests, this drink contains ingredients that boost the immunity. What’s better than drinking an immunity booster while you give a tattoo to your client. The vitamin C and all the immunity supplements used in this product help in the normal working of the immune system and help reduce inflammation. It is also good for your client as its immunity boosters properties will help the tattoo heal faster without getting any nasty infections. The natural ingredients make it a light yet refreshing energy drink.

As you grab your favorite snack to eat during a tattoo session, you might need some pretty and appealing containers to store your snacks. Here are a few items which can be used for storing snacks and also a perfect gift for your co-workers.

Diner Mugs “Tattoo Artist” Mug

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The diners mug has a bright illustration saying ‘tattoo artist’, digitally printed on both the sides of the mug. The porcelain mug looks very elegant placed in any room space and is a great way to add into the room decor. It is also wide enough to store your routine snacks. Needless to say, this mug is the best gift idea for tattoo artist.

Cottage Creek Tattoo Gifts Round Ceramic Tattoo Fund Jar

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This beautifully crafted ceramic jar with attractive illustrations is the best gift you can give to a tattoo artist. The product is made of high quality stone with the finest craftsmanship, making it durable and perfectly suitable to be placed on a countertop. It can not only store snacks but also small, easy to access tattoo supplies can also be placed in the jar.

Funwares TriceraTaco Holder

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This fun gadget for holding your tacos, is all you need when you order tacos or any other snacks. It conveniently holds the snack while you get a tattoo done and you don’t need to worry about where to place your food. This is a perfect gift for tattoo artist where he can place his food while doing his work.


While getting a tattoo might seem painful, inking a tattoo on someone’s else’s body is also not an easy task. It requires great deal of focus and attention so the client gets the best tattoo, the way he wants. These sessions could be stressful sometimes. Having a good snack with you while you give a tattoo to your client is perfect to keep your mind refreshed and your body full of energy so you don’t lose focus during the process.