Hiatus (but on a book tour!)

I haven’t posted in awhile, and that’s because life gets in the way. I’m still teaching yoga, but also hosting my in-laws from Mumbai for five weeks. I’m also on the east coast leg of a book tour for one of my three (!) books releasing in the next few months. For those in the…

What are your top gym gripes?

We all have them. Check out this Prevention.com article, featuring myself and other trainers, to see if yours made the list!

The Art of Making a Class Playlist

I’m lucky. Really lucky. I get to completely design my own classes for teaching yoga and lifting at Balance 365 Fitness (a boutique gym) where all instructors are encouraged to really own our lesson plans. I teach half Vinyasa yoga with traditional music, and half rock ‘n’ roll and hip hop yoga (basically bootcamp style…

Where’s Your Favorite Place to Practice?

Do you have a favorite place to practice yoga? Check out ClassPass.com’s recent yoga teacher survey to find some new locations to strike a pose. (I’m at #5!). 9 Yogis Share Their Surprising Fave Place to Strike a Pose

My Pennsylvania Workouts

Why so quiet? It’s a question us introverts hate, but I’ll admit the blog has been a bit of a ghost town the past few days. I’m in Allentown, Pennsylvania teaching a writing workshop at the International Women’s Writer’s Guild Summer Conference. I’m also staying in a dorm—the kind that didn’t really exist at my…