Simple Tips to Get a Sensational Nail Gel Polish Manicure

Getting a gel manicure is not a new thing anymore. Almost every teenager applies nail gel polish regularly. While it is advisable to visit a salon, you can get the best manicure at home.

In these challenging times with the pandemic playing havoc globally, it is always advisable to go for a DIY job. These elementary tips should help you get a sensational gel manicure right in the comfort of your home.

Get your nail polish set in order

Before you start with your gel manicure, it makes sense to have your nail polish ingredients handy. No one would like to search for lint-free wipes with nail polish dripping all over their nails. Check out the following components in your gel polish kit.

Your gel nail polish manicure is incomplete without curing it under the UV/LED lamp. Have a high-quality UV lamp ready on hand. It is ideal to have a large lamp that can accommodate all five fingers of your hand. Generally, these UV lamps allow you to insert four fingers at a time. Under such circumstances, you can dry four fingers simultaneously, followed by both your thumbs together. (more…)

How to Get the Perfect Nails with the OPI Powder Perfection?

If you are looking for an alternative for the traditional nail polish lacquers, you can go for the OPI’s powder perfection. You will surely love OPI’s powder perfection technology. The OPI’s dip system provides a gel-like shine and weeks of wear without the need for a light cure. OPI’s powder perfection is available in most of the eye-popping shades and can be removed easily by soaking.

Why is OPI’s powder perfection ideal for weak nails?

The OPI dipping powder nails are an odor-free alternative that fosters a clean-air environment. It is a quick-to-apply variant of the traditional nail polish colors. This system is perfectly ideal for the protective overlayers on natural nail plates. The OPI’s powder perfection nails offer a glossy, long-lasting color. This system can also be applied over the tips, and for nail-art looks, you can finish it with your favorite gel-colors too!


Top 6 Best Face Care for Every Shade & Skin Type

Every one is gifted with a different skin shade and skin type. Every type of skin has different needs and requirements and you need to use products according to it. Using a product that is compatible with your skin type highly improves the health and texture of skin and makes it look more glowing and fresh. Sometimes the task of getting the most compatible skin care product becomes hectic and laborious. We have made the process easier by bringing you the best face care products that are compatible with every shade and skin type.

Mizon Snail Repairing Korean Snail Face Wash

Amazon best-selling product B00D3CY5OO

Mizon Snail is the best Korean face wash which provides extraordinary exfoliation and deep cleansing to the skin. It extracts out all the trapped particles from the skin and leaves it soft and supple. Even after one wash, face looks completely different and glowing. The clinical testing of the product proves that it is skin friendly and highly recommended to get your face free from the impurities.

Beauty by earth Hydrating Face Mask

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The beauty by earth face mask is highly relaxing and soothing, giving your skin a relieved sensation after a tiring and busy day. It removes all the impurities, black heads and dirt residues from the skin and gives it a fresh and healthy look. The soothing ingredients help reduce redness and inflammation and allow the skin to breathe naturally by unclogging the pores. It has organic ingredients which restore the hydrating barrier and provides sufficient moisture content to the dry and almost dead cells.

Evologie Intensive Blemish Serum

Amazon best-selling product B01E9F6EH4

The evologie serum is perfect to eliminate black heads and dark spots from the skin which are one of the major causes of skin blemishing and pigmentation. It helps in preventing scars and aging signs without making the skin dry or causing any irritation. It provides essential skin care nutrients and makes the skin healthier. (more…)

Top 7 Best Food for Tattoo Artist That Can Keep You Energized

Tattoo sessions could be unbearably lengthy and boring, where you have nothing to do except just continuing to ink a person sitting in front of you. Having food cravings in such boring processes is just a normal thing. To keep you busy while you tattoo someone and also provide you with the stamina to concentrate on the minor details without being distracted, here are some of the best nutritious snacks that will keep you energized and active while you attend your clients.

The Better Chip Whole Grain Chips

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The better chip is a perfect solution to all the untimely cravings. It is a healthy snack which satisfies the urge for food. All the ingredients in this formula are natural and vegan, containing no artificially synthesized flavours or preservatives. The chips taste delicious and you’ll definitely fall in love with them.

V8 Healthy Greens

Amazon best-selling product B00S0AOFFI

The V8 healthy greens have extremely low calorie content due to its natural ingredients and the minimalistic amount of artificial sweeteners added. It contains a wholesome amount of vegetables and fruits as well as a handsome amount of vitamins and minerals are also a part of the snack. This makes it a complete meal which will fulfill your dietary requirements and also fill your food cravings which you’ll have while the lengthy tattoo session proceeds.

RXBAR, Banana Chocolate Walnut, Protein Bar

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The RXBAR is a complete healthy and nutritious snack which contains all the components to give you instant energy which you need in the mornings, before or after work. The high protein and carbohydrates will help build stamina and therefore it is the best snack for tattoo sessions. It will help you to maintain focus and avoid distractions.


Beard Kits That Help You Progress Smoothly on Your Beard Growth Journey

Growing a beard is a time taking process and keeping it healthy all the while needs proper grooming. You need to have a plan and commitment to achieve the goal of growing a luscious beard. Knowing the various stages of beard growth and how to care for would make your process easy.

beard grooming kits

The first trim should be planned between 1 to 2 months of starting the growth. By this time, you will have significant growth, and you can give the beard shape. You may not have achieved the ideal length of your goal, but still, a trim is required to stimulate further healthy growth by trimming the split ends of the beard. Trimming here does not mean preceding a certain length of your hair, it just means going over your beard with scissors and snipping off the split ends.

Growing Kits

If your beard is taking too long to grow or is not having significant growth even after the long term, then you may need some assistance. There may be several reasons, but you can start addressing them by starting on a kit designed for growing beards. These beard growth kits are specifically designed to promote the growth of the beard and are safe to use.

Grooming Kits

When your beard is growing, you will need to face the beard itch, and you can manage it by using a good beard cream. Applying beard oil to the beard keeps it smooth. There is a range of products you can opt for depending on your interest and affordability for grooming your beard. These products are also available as beard grooming kits, which are put together to cater to all your beard needs effectively. (more…)

Is Salicylic Acid Cleanser Effective?

You may often hear dermatologists recommending either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid face wash for acne treatment. But why is it so? Are these kinds of cleansers useful? Do they make any difference, or it’s just another marketing game? All these questions come up in your mind when an acidic content is said to be highly effective for your skin.

Salicylic Acid Cleanser

What Is Salicylic Acid?

In short, you must note that salicylic acid is a kind of chemical exfoliant. The willow tree bark is used to derive BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid. The oil-soluble property and better penetration capacity let it makes an effective solution for both your whiteheads and blackheads. Once it gets deeply penetrated the skin, all the oils and dirt particles get removed that may have clogged the pores. You can also call it an intercellular glue to hold different skin cells together while also reducing the inflammation issues.

While an alpha hydroxy acid is known only to exfoliate the skin’s surface, the beta-hydroxy acid can go at deeper levels, into the pores, and change the formation if how skin cells are bounded. The medication form of salicylic acid is keratolytic, which means the high suitability for deep exfoliation. It also causes your skin’s top layer cells to get slough and soft by breaking and loosening the different cell attachments. However, these attachments are called desmosomes.

What Are the Benefits of Salicylic Acid for Skin?

Given below is a list of several benefits you can get by skin products containing salicylic acid.

Combat Acne

As you know that salicylic acid is considered beneficial for severe acne-prone skin, it is also effective blackheads and whiteheads. It also helps decline acne breakouts to a great extent by breaking the cell attachment in outer layers of skin. Blocked pores are unclogged resultantly, which can further lead to blemishes. The primary reason that it is effective on acne is control over sebum secretion. (more…)

Easter Nail Art Ideas You Can Copy This 2020 using LDS Dipping Powder

Easter Season is fast approaching and this is the season where a wide range of lively and fun colors are being used. And to make it even more fun, colorful Easter nail art is a perfect addition to any spring outfit. Whether it is nail art design for Easter eggs you are looking for or if you are looking to get nail art ideas for your special Easter dinner, we have gathered the best nail art design ideas for you to try.

  1. Yellow with a Touch of Daisy

Easter is all about lively colors so make it your goal this Easter to make your nails as bright as the dinner table masterpiece. After coloring your nails with yellow powder, you can either paint your own daisy or if you don’t have steady hands, you can buy nail stickers on wholesale nail supplies store.

  1. Colorful French Tips

If there is a color that is very Easter, that is pastel and this nail design is perfect for the season. Another good thing about this is that you can re-use the powders with other nail design. You can actually go full nail color if you want to but this French nail is a good way to start the Easter season. (more…)

DIY Remove SNS Nails

SNS nails is a long lasting alternative to other nail enhancement such as shellac, acrylic and gel polish. Its popularity is rising amongst different states such as Florida, Texas and California. Many nail aficionados are now switching to SNS in beautifying and taking care of their nails because of the health benefits that comes with it.

Nail dipping powder has been replacing acrylic as the go-to nail solution by many women and many salons has already jumped into the trend. We cannot blame them because nails treated with SNS techniques last longer that those applied with shellac.remove SNS Dipping Powder

The process of applying the nail dip system normally takes about 45 minutes and just as easy it is to apply, removing it is another story. As with any artificial nail treatment, the most damage doesn’t happen during application it takes place during the removal part.

While it is very easy to remove SNS nails, it is still best to remember important information before doing this on your own. As previously mentioned, the product itself does not cause damage to the nail, the damage takes place when removing it. Similar to other nail enhancement option, SNS can be removed by soaking it in acetone. It can be done by following these instructions:

  1. Sand off the top gel layer using a nail file.
  2. Using the nail polish remover/ acetone of your choice, soak your nails for about 10-20 minutes. An alternative option is to soak cotton balls in acetone, place one over each nail then wrap the nail and cotton ball in aluminum foil.
  3. Check one nail to see if the polish will wipe away with a paper towel after 10 minutes. If not, soak for another 10 minutes before wiping again.


How We Learn What We’re “Good” and “Bad” At

We’re expected to know what we’re “good” and “bad” at, although in western society it’s often frowned upon to actually bring up the positives. These two opposites are classic pillars in job interviews. “What are your greatest strengths? Weaknesses?” Only when directly asked do we feel allowed to discuss what we think we’re good at—otherwise, it can come across as bragging and arrogance. This is true even if the person we’re talking to likely agrees with us! (Talking to Mom is an exception, of course).

However, in many circles it’s widely accepted and even encouraged to discuss what we’re bad at. Whether we call it self-deprecation or modesty, women especially have been in situations where talking badly about ourselves is expected. We’re supposed to wallow in complaints about how our arms are too big, our butts aren’t big enough, we “could never run a marathon” and how envious we are of the woman with the seemingly perfect partner, kids, wardrobe, you name it.

Part of this complaining helps us feel connected to others (usually women). Part of it is a means of fishing for compliments (from women and men). In reality, there’s nothing wrong with vocalizing what we don’t think we’re “good at,” but if it’s excessive or dramatically overrides vocalizing what we are “good at,” it can do a real number to our confidence and self-esteem. Remember: How you talk about yourself is a challenge for your brain. Your brain, in conjunction with your body if applicable, is now on a mission to prove you right.

It’s All Relative

How do we learn what we’re good or bad at, anyway? Good and bad are both very subjective words. It’s almost certain that there’s someone out there who’s better looking than us (because that’s subjective, too!), richer than us, smarter than us, has better calves than us, is kinder than us, and so on. It’s also nearly a certainty that there’s someone out there in worse shape than us, not as wealthy as us,  not as intelligent as us, has less toned calves than us, isn’t as kind as us … and so on.

We learn what we’re “good” or “bad” at by comparing ourselves to others. That’s it. It’s all relative. We can’t be “good” or “bad” without comparing ourselves to other people—yet these qualities become a self-defining part of our selves. How f*&#@d up is that?

Judgment Day

There are many ways we compare ourselves to others. Some are fleeting and the other person never knows. Some are hardcore and televised for the world to see. Sometimes you may be “right” in that specific moment, like if someone beats you in chess. Yes, in that moment and in that game, they were better than you. You might think you’re a “bad” chess player in comparison now, especially if they beat you quickly. However, there are countless reasons why this could have happened. Maybe you were more stressed than them, maybe they got better sleep than you, maybe they’ve had countless competitions and this is your first so you were nervous. You could beat them tomorrow—or not.

We also compete and compare throughout the day. That person on the treadmill next to you went longer and harder, so now they’re the “good runner” and you’re the bad one. You glimpsed someone’s abs and perceived them as tauter and more toned than yours, so now they have the “good abs” and yours are bad. Somebody else seems to constantly win radio contests, so they have “good luck” and you’ve never won, so you have “bad luck.”

We’re also heavily conditioned by society, media, our surroundings, our background and more to accept what’s good and bad. Oftentimes, it’s completely nonsense. Sometimes it’s harmful. You know “Becky with the good hair?” Not personally, of course, but you know exactly what Beyonce meant when she wrote those lyrics. “Good hair” is inherently straight without “too much” curls or kink. It grows quickly, any baby hairs are non-existent or well-controlled. Basically, it looks like a white woman’s hair. That’s what’s considered “good hair” in western Black culture. Now how f*&#@d up is that?

Let’s Drop These Words

Okay, “good” and “bad” aren’t really “bad words” by themselves. “Good job!” “Having a bad day?” and other such sentiments are so common we don’t even think about them. Humans love to group things into categories, and seeing in black and white / good and bad helps us make sense of things. It helps us make sense of the world. It helps us try to define ourselves in a messy place, and we really, really want to figure out who the hell we are. Are we a good person? A bad person?

We’re both. We’re all enigmas. We’re not really “good” or “bad” at anything—we just see ourselves as good or bad depending on who we’ve compared ourselves to. When you’re the only one who can do a headstand in yoga class, you’re the best. You’re good at yoga! But go into a class where everyone is doing walking handstands and you can’t even hold a regular handstand, and suddenly you’re the worst. You’re “bad” at yoga just like that.

Good and bad. Beautiful and ugly. Smart and stupid. The vast majority of adjectives are all relative and highly subjective. They’re useful words in certain contexts, but should not be used to define yourself. And don’t let others define you with negative adjectives, either. Choose the positive ones, and don’t be afraid to claim them. Say them aloud. Tell people what you’re good at and share in the positives of one another instead of the negatives. Tell other people their positive adjectives, too!

Isn’t a world of people with a little higher self-esteem and more kind words better than one stewing in negativity and fear? What’s so scary about those positive words, anyway?

How Do You Find Gyms While Traveling?

I don’t always get the luxury of having a hotel gym at the ready when traveling. At home, I work at a boutique gym and have a membership at a big box gym with a very strong west coast presence (read: Tough to find anywhere except California, Oregon and Washington). I lucked out when spending a week in Pennsylvania with a chain near the conference—but with a trip to Nashville and Manhattan coming up, my luck has run out.

I don’t have a problem paying a daily pass for a gym. In fact, I’d love to! I like to see what other gyms have to offer, what their vibe is, and maybe even check out some new equipment. When I travel, I usually like to take my cardio outside and explore the parks and trails. However, there’s only so much you can do when it comes to strength training and building muscle with no equipment. I need those weights, and going a week (or more!) without them won’t just lead to muscle loss. It’ll mean serious soreness when I get back to my normal routine, and that’s a handicap I just can’t take as a lifting instructor.

The Gym Struggle

While preparing for my Nashville trip, I started looking at gyms within a few miles of my Air BnB. Then I looked farther. There are, miraculously, no big box gyms anywhere nearby. I reached out to all of the boutique gyms and was turned down in succession. Nobody wants to offer a daily pass to an out of state visitor, even when I told them I’d pay anything to get in a quick session. (I was, however, routinely pressured into buying memberships, personal training sessions, and group classes even though I repeatedly told them I was only in town for a few days).

The same happened again when I reached out to gyms in New York. I won’t name names, but one particular chain (with an already suffering reputation) featured a phone rep that stuck so closely to the script it was like talking to a robot. Ultimately, though, the answer was no. They wouldn’t let me have day passes, but were happy to try and pair me with a personal trainer and membership. When I told them that I am a personal trainer, I was told “We don’t cater to fitness fanatics.”


I get it. I know gyms make a lot of money by banking on members that sign up, pay, and never show up. Offering a day pass, even at a premium rate, ensures that the visitor will be using that pass. And they don’t know what kind of resources you’ll be draining. Hogging equipment, spending hours in the hot tub, taking lengthy showers? It’s all possible. It doesn’t matter that all I really want is 45 minutes with three sets of free weights.

I was, however, able to find a very reasonable solution in both states. In Nashville, the local YMCA offered a day pass along with very generous hours (starting at 5 a.m.!). In New York, I connected with the Young Men & Young Women Hebrew Association (which, by the way, doesn’t care what a visitor’s background entails when signing you up!). The YMCA’s rates are semi-high at $15 per day, but at the Young Men & Young Women Hebrew Association, I’m being charged just $10 total with unlimited access for the week I’m there.

More than the access to these facilities and, in New York’s case, the very affordable rates, I also linked up with some very kind and understanding managers. There were no sales, no hoop-jumping, and no wasted time. It took looking outside what we consider “traditional gyms” to find a solution that worked for me.

Where and how do you get gym access when traveling and hotel fitness rooms aren’t an option?