Timeless DND Nail Polish Colors That Suit Everything

Usually, when you discuss nail polish colors, the discussion veers around your attire, occasion, season, and skin tone. So, it would be excellent to have some colors that go with everything. Here are some DND nail polish color choices that look beautiful with anything you wear, regardless of the season, occasion, and skin tone.

All-purpose Nail Polish Colors

Modern life keeps everyone busy as they manage their careers and lifestyles simultaneously. Consequently, there is less time for enjoyment or going on vacations. So, the pressure to be at your best is omnipresent. So, let us discuss some daisy DND nail polish colors that are perfect for your daily life activities. These manicures make you look intelligent and gorgeous while maintaining your nail health.

French manicure

All-purpose Nail Polish Colors

The French manicure is the best nail embellishment that suits everyone irrespective of color, occasion, and attire. The best aspect of this manicure is that it suits all seasons and makes you look at your best 24x7x365. While the white tip over the nude base is the ideal French manicure, daisy nail polish offers you excellent options to experiment with. You can try the reverse French manicure with the tip at the bottom or try alternate colors to enhance your attractiveness quotient. (more…)