Unique Nail Trends That Can Spark a Revolution in 2022

Nail trends change with each passing year. While most nail designs in 2021 will continue to be popular in the new year, some unexpected trends can crop up during 2022 that can spark off a manicure gel polish revolution in the new year.

These trends can range from metallic shades and designs to chrome and lettered stickers. Nail fashion experts foresee the following fashionable trends to make a compelling statement in the New Year.

Best Unique Nail Trends 2022

Metallic tyles are making a grand comeback

Best Unique Nail Trends 2022

The metallic colors had gone out of fashion a few years ago, but today, they are back with a bang. Until a major part of the last year, it was common to dye the nails all over with metallic hues. However, the trends are now changing where nail technicians are not afraid to experiment with multiple color combinations, like the gold, silver, unicorn, and the various shiny chrome hues in a single traditional design. While it gives a playful twist to the design, it makes for a wonderful fashion statement with multiple-colored designs on your nails to stand apart from the crowd. (more…)