Simple Tips to Get a Sensational Nail Gel Polish Manicure

Getting a gel manicure is not a new thing anymore. Almost every teenager applies nail gel polish regularly. While it is advisable to visit a salon, you can get the best manicure at home.

In these challenging times with the pandemic playing havoc globally, it is always advisable to go for a DIY job. These elementary tips should help you get a sensational gel manicure right in the comfort of your home.

Get your nail polish set in order

Before you start with your gel manicure, it makes sense to have your nail polish ingredients handy. No one would like to search for lint-free wipes with nail polish dripping all over their nails. Check out the following components in your gel polish kit.

Your gel nail polish manicure is incomplete without curing it under the UV/LED lamp. Have a high-quality UV lamp ready on hand. It is ideal to have a large lamp that can accommodate all five fingers of your hand. Generally, these UV lamps allow you to insert four fingers at a time. Under such circumstances, you can dry four fingers simultaneously, followed by both your thumbs together. (more…)