Poetry: The Wellness Shot We Keep Forgetting

It’s hump day, so let’s keep it short and sweet. I often read poetry when leading savasana because it’s such an overlooked part of holistic wellness. Here’s an easy challenge: Read one poem per day. It doesn’t have to be long, it doesn’t have to be written by someone famous, and it doesn’t need to be elitist or impossible to “get.” You’re the reader, you get out of it what you can, will and want. There are poems out there for everyone. Find yours and indulge in the emotions they draw out.


Try This On


I put on weight slowly, carefully,

contrived. It was pure

muscle, all Does this curve

make me look fat? and

Does this vein make me look jacked?

I eased into it, tried it on,

took it back off then slipped

into it again. It was odd, feeling

Normal. Not all size zeroes

fit anymore. Sometimes

my thighs kiss each other, skeletons

no longer stare back from mirrors.

And I miss them

at times, those ghosts, the bony

collar bones and knocking knees

so beautiful in the haunting.


(Photo is personal. Poem is from the forthcoming collection “You Look Something” published by The Operating System Press)



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