Yoga Tattoos

Need a little more (permanent!) yoga love in your life? Check out these yoga-inspired tattoos. Of course, “yoga inspired” can mean a lot of things! From asanas to popular Sanskrit sayings peppered in yoga classes all the way to Indian gods closely connected to the yoga community, there’s no end to how you can show your love of yoga on the canvas that is your body.

Balance asanas
Balance Asanas. Simple and clean, just like a great yoga practice. Posted on Pinterest by 42 Yogis.
Another kind of balance might sway some yogis. Posted on Deviant Art by Seth Toutan Tattoo.
Buddha and yoga go together like lifting and whey powder. Posted on TattooSEO.
Hamsa protection against evil eye
The Hamsa hand is a popular image in the yoga community and is a sign of protection that helps ward off the evil eye. Posted by Creem Magazine.
In Buddhism, the lotus flower symbolizes purity of body, mind and spirit. Often featuring eight petals to pay homage to the Eightfold Path in Hinduism, it’s become a staple for yogis. Posted on 500px by Louis-Charles Bourgeois.
Mandala Feet
Ouch! The mandala in Hinduism and Buddhism represents the universe. In psychoanalysis, it represents a dream and search for self-unity. Posted on Tattoo Easily.
A nod to the hand mudras (a symbolic hand gesture in Hinduism and Buddhism), there are many in yoga. For example, thumb and forefinger together to start a practice is gayana mudra and helps with concentration and creativity. Posted by The Tattoo Hut.
Namaste, or the formal Namaskar, has many meanings in Sanskrit and Hindi. It can mean hello and goodbye, as well as “the light in me recognizes and honors the light in you.” Posted on We Heart It via Tumblr.
PRITHVI Mudra earth
Getting in the mudra? The Prithvi mudra is a symbol of earth. It’s renowned for helping with fatigue. Posted on
Sun Salutation Cheat Sheet
In case you need a cheat sheet! Here’s the full sun salutation series in stick figure format. Posted on We Heart It.
Size doesn’t matter. This simple tree outline is a gentle reminder to remember your roots … and to grow. And guess what? It’s a temp tat! Available on Etsy from misssfaith.
Yin yang
Ying and yang is all about balance and completion. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since the ying and yang motifs of the 90s! Posted on HeyEmilyDee.
Tree pose
Now this is a tree pose! Complete with an “ohm” in the roots. Posted by Tattoospedia.
Ganesh is easily one of the most recognizable of Hindu gods. A boy with an elephant’s head, he’s often found in yoga studios intellect and wisdom. Posted by StyleCraze.

Got your own favorites … or your own? Please share (and credit when necessary) ❤



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